Intellectual abilities are not affected in ataxia telangiectasia.

It is very important to let it know by everyone so that the child with AT can take its rightful place in the social life, especially at school.

The psychological impact of this aspect concerning integration and self-confidence must always be taken into account, and consideration by others is the main factor.

Ataxia Telangiectasia does not affect the intellect. One can even say that, by necessity and the will to seek to offset the difficulties by themselves, children with AT develop a unique form of intelligence.

The first consequence is that a child with AT is intellectually capable of following a regular school program and can aspire to higher education. It can, like everyone else, follow a conversation and participate, provided that he's given time to speak and people around make an effort to understand him when speech problems are emerging.

In countries where access and acceptance of disabled suffer a huge delay, the challenges lie in the consideration of the disabling symptoms of the disease, their impact on integration in schools and on learning techniques and traditional communication.

The main objective is therefore to seek and develop tools and resources needed around the patient with AT for his personality finds its rightful place in society. (See « Living with AT»).