Communication by speech and expression is also impaired in ataxia telangiectasia.

Talk is an effort to patients with AT, which increases their fatigue.

These patients need time to express themselves, so man has to be careful and do not stop at their facial expressions that rarely reflect their actual mood of the moment.

With swallowing which could have joined also this chapter, the degeneration of the cerebellum may cause difficulties in speech articulation and control of facial expressions in patients with AT.

Mechanism of speech

Talking consists in emitting a series of coded sounds understandable by others.

The code of speech, the language, is a purely cognitive mechanism connected to the brain as evidenced by the diversity of languages ??spoken on Earth.

Thumbnail imageHowever, produce sounds and reflect his emotions by his gestures and expressions is a neuromuscular phenomenon involving:

The process of speech is as follows:

Speaking difficulties

The interconnections between the different functions are numerous in the face (jaw , tongue and face mobility, absorption, swallowing, breathing, ...). When one or more systems are affected, many difficulties may occur. This is the case for Ataxia Telangiectasia but in this area too, difficulties are different among concerned people. The neurological disorder disturbs the smooth coordination of all muscles involved in the process of speech and expression of emotions in the face. In addition, due to lung infections, respiratory capacity of people with AT can be reduced. The combined effects of these factors are:

Communication difficulties

Thumbnail imageConsequences are numerous and various:


The immediate solutions are simple to implement. They are: